Thursday, July 12, 2007

Barn Quilt

There are painted quilt squares popping up on barns all over the central United States. We have several now in Harrison County and Equinox Farm has just added to the "Clothesline". It still needs to be sealed, so it's not quite ready to hang (the local power company is handling that, thank goodness), but the painting part is finished and I wanted to share.

The appliqued design was inspired by our native plant pond, aka The Frog Pond, which is surrounded by goldenrod (our state flower), iron weed, joe pye weed, cattails, sedges, cardinal flower, purple coneflower and brown eyed susans. There are many more native plants around the actual pond, but those are some of our favorites and lent themselves well to the design. We included a frog (naturally) and a viceroy butterfly (our state butterfly) and a honey bee, as those are some of the many gifts that native plants bring.

Ewenice was good company. Ewen got fired his second day on the job. Apparently painting itself is not nearly as fun as destroying the painting supplies. He was pretty cute with white (primer) lipstick, but cute only gets you so far.

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~Tonia~ said...

Love the barn quilt. I haven't seen any of them around here. I bet that they are all so pretty. What a great idea. We still have a barn just down the road with the notorious chewing tobaco add painted on the side. I still love to see them. Just something that keep the history alive. (Don't smoke or any of that either.)

Poor Ewen - just trying to help and gets kicked to the curb. LOL Yeah cute only takes you so far with toddlers too. ;)


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