Monday, April 2, 2007

New Wheel in the Boo-grass State

Spring has sprung. And with a vengeance! Everyone is mowing and weed-eating, mulching and pruning. Luckily the sheep are shorn, as it's been incredibly warm for this time of year. The horses are shedding hair everywhere and the chickens are in heaven chasing bugs down by the creek. We are probably going to pay for this nice weather later in the spring... or at the end of this week. Here's a picture of handsome Boo in the green grass.

I have my first show of the year, The Paris Art Fair, this weekend. Sounds exotic, but that would be Paris, Kentucky :-). Still, if the weather holds, you know what they say about Paris in the springtime... The moral of this story, other than to give them some free publicity, is that between spring chores and getting ready for the show, if you don't hear from me, I'm probably just up to my elbows in wool or grass clippings.

As much as I enjoy needle felting sheep and mowing grass, I'd rather be sitting at my new spinning wheel. I found this on eBay last week. It's a beautiful Jensen production wheel and I love it!

1 comment:

nancyneverswept said...

Once again, you've done some gorgeous pictures. Your compositional sense is unfailing this spring! Then again, you did have good material to start with; it's been a good season so far.


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