Thursday, May 26, 2022

When Your Crafts Pay Off

It took Tim a couple of weeks to talk me into trying Wordle.  He and his mother are puzzle masters and I know better than to try to play along with them on something like this, especially word games.  When I finally agreed to try one, I did actually get the word (!) and the word was SHAWL!  

I might not have gotten hooked if the word had been anything else, but it piqued my interest so I started playing.  Soon after we all added in WordHurdle, which was just a six letter game to start and now has a six, five and four letter game, morning and evening.

I almost always get the words in six or fewer tries, which I still find amazing and makes me feel a bit smart.  Some players use the same word as their first guess - the most popular is ADEIU apparently - but I like to just pick a random word that fits something that's going on that day.  

Tuesday was Wool House Crafter's Night.  

I have no words for the rest of Tuesday.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Your Laugh For The Day

I'm so glad I asked for favorite stories and/or favorite sheep to go with the yarn box orders.  That has truly been the best.  I've loved finding out who stood out and why.  Some were lambs, some were older sheep, some were rescues, some just brightened a day.

Last night I was reminded of one of the funniest stories to hit the blog.  It, of course, involved Maisie.  Do you remember her pulling Saint Tim's pants down?  I'd forgotten about that!  I'd like to say that's the only time a sheep's pulled someone's pants down around here, but alas... ;-D

That picture of Maisie is one that never fails to make me laugh.  I toyed with using it for her booklet picture, but that picture is best as it is.  If someone "new" saw it they'd think we were laughing at her, without knowing we were laughing with her.

"Whatever.  I'm laughing at you!"

After Early died, a friend left a comment about everyone holding on to all the memories for me.  That means more than you can ever know.  It hit me similarly this morning reading kind notes from friends who have started receiving their yarn. I am so glad there are now actual bits of those good lambs being tucked in safely all over as well.

Thank you so much for not only all the orders, but for sharing your stories and memories and your care.  Even the holding of memories that weren't shared.  Thank you for being part of the stories.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

A Chicken Mystery

I received a comment on the previous post about the chicken picture being a puzzle, so I thought, "Ah, I must have just forgotten to add the The Adventure Chicken label!" and that's why I couldn't find it...and then searched the "puzzle" label and it's not there I searched through my Jigsaw Planet gallery...and it's not. there.

I am completely stumped.

So I made the picture into a puzzle.  


Who knows.  

Enjoy :-).

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Counting Chickens

If I'm knitting, I count my stitches by fives.  5-10-15-20...  For some reason that's a number I can "see" easily as I'm sliding groups of stitches across my needles, five at a time.  I almost always count things by fives.

When I count our chickens each night before I lock the up the coop, I count by threes.  1-2-3...4-5-6...7-8-9...10-11-12.  And interestingly (or probably not, really ;-) if they are still milling around, I count the groups of threes three times, just to be sure.

Last night I had to count to just 11.  We lost Blackie.  I thought she looked a bit off yesterday morning and when she was no better in the afternoon I took her to the vet.  I was thinking she was egg bound, but the xray showed just fluid, no eggs.  Without something obvious to try to fix, we decided not to let her suffer.  

Blackie was our "free" chick when I ordered this group.  I never knew what breed she was, but she was a beautiful shiny green/black hen.  A favorite.  She had three really close calls as a baby and each time everyone was amazed she pulled through.  Apparently chickens only have three lives :-/.

When I was trying to find a good picture of her I was surprised (well, not really :-/) that this favorite picture never made it to the blog back in the summer of 2020.  This was taken when the girls were almost full grown. 


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Reach For The Stars


I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday saying it was "the best one star review ever" and totally missed Archie climbing up the fence!  Auntie Reg always tells us to look up, but sometimes we need to look down, too.

Should make a fun puzzle!  Enjoy :-).


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